Jackson Eflin is a Creative Writing Undergrad at Ball State University.  To put that in perspective, imagine being an electrician during the race for the better lightbulb.  Everything's going on and it's all new and exciting and somewhere, Tesla is given the short end of the stick.1  A Muncie Native who never lost faith in his town, he's glad to see all the Literary Events springing up around town.

In writing and reading, Jackson likes magical realism, is a fan of those books that press your ears to the walls at the edge of reality, where it is thin enough to hear faeriesong and ghostsong, where imagination and wonder, blazing bright, makes the bricks hot to the touch.  However, and don't tell his shelf-creaking collection of fantasy fiction this, but he's secretly having a torrid affair with Lyric Memoir and Lyric Essay, which give him all that hot, glistening wonder but in a world that really exists.

Jackson has been a mentor to a Robotics Team, a Secretary and Treasurer, and is currently a Literary Citizen trying to meet the neighbors.  Stop by and say hello.

Twitter: @JacksonEflin
Facebook: Jackson Nels Thorson Eflin